Raising awareness for world causes & humanity through music.

Acknowledging acts of kindness that bring peace, harmony &

unity to the world to remind us that "We All Are One"




"This is my prayer for a world in need
of more love and less greed.
We must find the strength to rise above it all
and reach a place of grace and stand tall.
In these trying times, we need help sorting through
which path to take to lead us to the truth..."

Raise up our hearts to the world
In the name of love
And express our souls with words
So we will rise above
When we show compassion to those
In need, by lending a hand
Caring can ease many woes
And will get human kind to ascend
The time for real change is now
We have to find the way somehow


"Hey, hey, you, oh oh why
Do you know, do you care
'Bout what's goin' on out there?
hey, hey, you, oh oh I'm
Planet Earth, quickly aging
Getting hurt, I'm raging!"

Hear what I have to say:
"Humans should be more human!
You need to change your ways
You keep mistreating this land
Something has got to give
So your grandchildren will live
I shake, I quake in fear
Wondering how long I'll be here
Hear me now, aim for peace
The violence has to cease
Before I'm blown to bits and pieces!"


Hey Mister fisherman
Please stop hurting my voiceless friends
They are majestic dolphins
Who strive to survive
They fear that they could get
Trapped in one of your nets
I'm here to take a stand
Make sure you understand

See through their eyes
Hear their plea, their dismay
If they could verbalize
This is what they would say:
"If you dare
Show you care
It doesn't make any sense
We have to change the course of events"
See through their eyes
It can't go on this way
And the solution lies
In our hands today
Empathize, realize
Their survival is at stake
They shouldn't have to perish by mistake