Laura Angelini writes, produces and records World Cause Music. She has donated her talent, time & energy to help fund raise for such causes as World Peace, Ocean Defenders Alliance, Children's Cancer, Musical Instruments & Books for Children, The Gibbs Monarch Butterfly Park and many other good foundations.

Born in Bronx New York, Laura knew by age six she was destined to become a singer. She sang everywhere she went and that singing was her life's passion and purpose. Little did she know this was just the beginning of a very accomplished singing career that would take her all over the United States. Laura grew up in New York, until she was eight, then her family moved to Reno, Nevada. The move out west was a very big adjustment and culture shock. Laura with her petite stature and strong Bronx accent was now an outsider.

Laura spent a lot of time alone in her room singing and playing piano. She also enjoyed gymnastics, skiing and horseback riding.

Her dedication and time spent alone practicing paid off when she won her 6th Grade Talent Show. In Jr. High School she was in honor choir, gymnastics and was a pom pom girl. She was a state gymnast in high school, and was on the drill team, track team, and voted senior ball queen of 1976 by her classmates.

After Graduation, Laura found herself in the Nevada Repertory Theatre Company at UNR. She landed the Role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar, Cabaret, & Mame. Professor and mentor Jim Bernardi inspired Laura to follow her dream as a Professional Singer. That was the turning point that put her on the path to become a professional singer and entertainer.

She moved to Northern California, where she studied Music, Voice & Dance at UC Davis. She also became a dance teacher at "Dance Davis Studios" and taught Tap, Theatre Dance, Pre-Dance to all ages and choreographed shows and recitals.

During summer break Laura traveled to Michigan where she landed her first professional musical theatre job and performed with the Young Americans. She played the role of the Vaudeville Singer & Dancer "Ellie" in the musical "Showboat". Laura's next move took her to Eugene Oregon. where she sang Originals, Rock & Top 40 for Pacific Talent Agency. There she and started singing professionally with "The Stares" and many other Top 40 and Rock N Roll bands touring the Pacific Northwest. Laura's musical journey moved her to San Francisco and then to Las Vegas as she toured and performed extensively throughout the West Coast.

Then in 1988, Laura had the honor of touring with Andy Williams across the United States as his back vocalist. She learned so much from singing with Andy every night and with his smooth & silky vocal style and effortless singing. He was the ultimate crooner and expanded Laura's musical interests into singing Ballad's which is now her signature style.

After many years of touring she decided to move back to Reno to spend time with her family and started one of her own. While enjoying motherhood and raising her two wonderful children, she performed locally and started teaching voice lessons.

Laura and her family endured many hardships during this time of her life which began in May 1990. Her Uncle was tragically murdered in his Deli in Reno. Then Laura's mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Laura began the journey of Cancer wards and radiation treatments for her mother with her two small children in tote. With all the love around her Laura's Mother survived and has been in remission ever since. The day her mother announced her clean bill of health, Laura learned she needed her spleen removed immediately. So she underwent a two year journey to see if she could survive without a spleen and it gave her a new appreciation for life. This was the beginning of my new life journey.

As she was healing and on the mend her father was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her Father was the most athletic, strong, passionate man and lived life to the fullest. He cherished life and taught Laura the appreciation for mother earth, nature, and most of all - the gift of life. Her father was brave and courageously fought his cancer, but lost his battle in 1997.

Laura had stayed in Reno until the summer of 1997 and then moved her family to Las Vegas where she performed as a Headliner at all the Major Las Vegas Casinos. Shortly after moving to Las Vegas, Laura had made a life change and found herself struggling as a single mother while trying to sing nighty in Las Vegas. The 911 tragedy slowed down the entertainment industry which caused Laura to take a day job at a Pre School Academy teaching music. This allowed her children to go with her to preschool as she taught during the daytime, as she continued to sleep split shifts to go sing late at night. She persevered and pushed forward through all her challenges and had bought her first home in Las Vegas with her Mother's help.

Then she met someone who would change the course of her life. So she sold her house and relocated her family to Huntington Beach. During the move, her life was turned upside down when promises and work contracts were broken. She gave up everything and the reason she moved was no longer the reason she was here.

She now found herself on very shaky ground with no source of income or support for her children, no friends, no job. It took many years for her to recover from this unseen turn of events and she knew that if she had survived all the adversities so far that she would have the strength to get through this one.

Laura knew that she would have to start over so she took a job as a Talent Agent to begin recruiting her workforce. She needed to meet musicians and network so she could begin the slow process of rebuilding her career in California. No one knew Laura's singing & performing abilities so her voice was silent for years until she once again created the opportunities and proved herself as her musicians would call it "the Laura effect". Her positivity and love she gives through her music touches everyone and everything.

Laura began noticing the synchronicity that was happening and at random she went for a first visit to Spiritual Discovery Center she met Ginni who would become her dear friend and change the course of my life and musical path. She had only known Ginni for a few short weeks when Ginni opened her home to Laura and her two teenagers which gave Laura time to look for another place to live. Ginni's grandson was battling Leukemia and Laura provided her the love and support she needed along with taking care of her home while Ginni was helping with her grandchildren while Sandy & Gary where helping Christian in the Children's Hospital in Seattle. Sadly Christian lost his battle with cancer a few days after Christmas.

A few months later Laura's daughter got a call that one of her best friends had tragically died and this young man was everyone's son and best friend. He touched everyone's lives and it was such a sudden loss. I knew then that I needed to do something for both of these families and that both of them were souls who made a difference and they were both "Angels on Earth".

After my many years of my isolation, loneliness and suffering, Laura surrendered. Through the silence came the gift. My music and spiritual journey were blending together. Laura spent many days at the ocean reading, observing others and nature. She started writing songs while gaining the insight and direction which lead me to "Angels on Earth".